Paint Stain

Once upon a time you had to do two steps if you wanted to stain and seal your wood for a paint stain look. Today there are incredible products on the market that color your wood and seal it properly all at the same time. Paint stain looks can be a great way to update your existing furnishings instead of spending thousands of dollars to replace them.

Tips for Getting the Best Paint Stain Look

Search for a one step stain and sealer in a color similar to what you desire. You may find you cannot get the paint stain look you desire right out of the can. Many people don’t realize that paint stores can mix paint stain much the same as they can mix custom paint colors. If you find your paint stain look should be more red or black than the colors you find pre-mixed, just ask if they will adjust the color for you.

To get an even paint stain look, you will want to be sure and properly prepare the surface. Be sure to remove all old paint stain and clear coats. To get the deepest paint stain color, use a pre-conditioner before applying.