Painting a Cement Bird Bath

Painting a cement bird bath must be done with care and caution. Keeping the birds health and safety in mind is the top priority. There are several steps you can take to make sure that your cement bird bath painting project goes smoothly. By keeping these steps and the mentioned materials in mind, you can create a safe and clean environment for your feathered visitors.

To paint a cement bird bath you will need:

  • Cement sealant
  • White distilled vinegar
  • Water
  • Scrub brush and cleaning cloth
  • Cement safe paint.
  • Newspapers or painters drop cloth.
  • Sandpaper
  • Painters tape

Step 1 – Prepare the work area. Lay out the drop cloth or newspapers evenly over the work area. Dismantle the bird bath. There are usually just two pieces, but in same cases there may be three. Lay the parts of the bird bath on the drop cloth. Prepare the cleaning solution of two parts water and three parts white distilled vinegar. The solution will act as a natural cleanser and disinfectant that is safe for birds.

Step 2 – Clean the cement bird bath. Using the scrub brush and vinegar solution, begin cleaning each piece of the cement bird bath. Be sure to scrub the entire bird bath, including in grooves and tight spaces. Using sandpaper, smooth out any rough or sharp spots found during cleaning. Rinse the cement bird bath and allow to dry.

Step 3 – Separate each piece of the bird bath. Using the cement safe paint, begin to paint the bird bath. Do not paint the inside of the bath itself. If necessary, mark off the bathing area with painters tape and newspaper. It will be necessary to use at least three coats of paint or more for the desired effect. Allow the cement bird bath to dry between each coating of paint. Allow the bird bath to dry for at least eight to twelve hours after the last coat of paint has been applied.

Step 4 – Seal the cement bird bath. After allowing the last coat of paint to dry, you will need to apply the cement sealant. If you covered the bathing area with newspaper and tape earlier, then you will need to remove it. Apply the sealant over every part of the cement bird bath. You will also be using the sealant in the bathing area. Be sure to cover the pieces of the cement bird bath completely with the sealant. It is best to apply at least three coats of the sealant. Allow the cement bird bath to dry in between applications. Allow the cement bird bath to dry for at least twelve hours after the last coat.

Step 5 – Reassemble and clean up. After the last drying phase, you can reassemble the bird bath. Fill the bath with water and check for any leaks or problems. If there are no issues, then clean up your workspace, and you are done. Place the cement bird bath in the desired place and enjoy.