How to Paint a Concrete Foundation

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What You'll Need
Concrete paint
Painters pan
Roller brush
Cleaning rags

Painting concrete foundations is an excellent way to breathe life to the foundation. Most people who build concrete foundations do not give much thought to their color. As a result, the dull grey concrete often looks unappealing in an otherwise beautiful house. Fortunately, you can paint your concrete foundation and make it more attractive and suited to your style.

Before you even begin to consider painting a concrete foundation, it is important to check whether or not the concrete is intact. If there are any cracks or crevices on the surface, you may end up with a poor finish. Before you start painting your concrete foundation, you need to repair the cracks and ensure that the surface is even. You can use an acrylic filler to fill in the crevices, and then use a dark color to cover up any kind of blemishes that remain after the repair job.

It is also important to understand that you can only paint on a concrete surface that is old. If you have a concrete foundation that has just been built, you need to wait for at least 28 days before you begin your paint job. Also, the concrete structure needs to dry out naturally, so avoid using any curing chemicals as these can cause problems at the time of painting, preventing the paint from bonding with the concrete. Follow these steps to get the most out of painting your concrete foundation.

Step 1 - Prepare the Foundation

The first step before you paint is to clean the entire foundation. Assuming that you have already repaired and cured the concrete foundation, the next step is to clean it properly. Use a water hose or a bucket of water to wash the surface. After you have washed it with water, use a rag to clean and dry it. If there are any weeds growing around the concrete, pull them out and make sure the surroundings are neat.

Step 2 - Prepare the Paint Equipment

Wash the roller with clean water to remove all the dirt and dust. It is important to have a clean roller for the paint job or you will end up with dust and grime stuck to the paint surface. Next, take a painter’s pan and mix the concrete paint colors to the right consistency as directed in the instructions on the label.

Step 3 - Paint the Foundation

Before you begin painting with the roller brush, first use a paintbrush to paint the grooves in the concrete foundation. Make sure to carefully paint the edges in strokes that are in the same direction. Do not be alarmed if a lot of paint is used up in your first coat. Concrete absorbs paint and, therefore, you will need much more paint for the first coat than for subsequent coats. After you have finished the first coat, wait for about an hour to allow the coat to dry out completely. Apply the second coat only after you are sure that the first coat is absolutely dry.