Painting a Laminate Countertop: Mistakes to Avoid Painting a Laminate Countertop: Mistakes to Avoid

When painting a laminate countertop, you need to make sure to avoid certain errors which can make the final result be unsatisfactory. The task itself is not challenging or overly complicated, so if you avoid some common mistakes, such as the ones mentioned below, the painting process can be completed quickly and easily.

Not Cleaning the Countertops Beforehand

If you fail to clean the countertops beforehand, you will end up with an unsatisfactory result, and the paint will not adhere properly with the laminate's surface.

Not Repairing the Countertop

Prior to applying the paint, you have to make sure that the countertop's surface is in good condition, without cracks, scratches and similar damages. If you do not repair or patch up such problems, you will have imperfections showing through the paintwork.

Not Sanding the Countertop

If you do not lightly sand the countertop before applying the paint, you may end up with an uneven surface, and the paint will not appear neat. To ensure a level surface you should lightly sand the countertop and then wipe it clean.

Not Using a Foam Roller

It is a bad idea to apply the paint on the laminate countertop by means of a paintbrush. It is best to use a foam roller as this will spread out the paint more evenly and neatly.

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