Painting a Metal Deck Railing Painting a Metal Deck Railing

What You'll Need
Base coat
Scouring pad

The look of a metal deck railing can be amended with a simple application of paint. Whether you want to protect the metal or add color to make it blend in with the surrounding deck, you will find that this is possible by applying paint in the correct way.  

Step 1 – Clean

Start by cleaning the metal deck railing to prepare it to accept the paint. Use an appropriate detergent and a scouring pad, which will also help to remove any imperfections. Ensure that you rinse it thoroughly of any traces of detergent before drying it.

Step 2 – Base Coat    

Depending on the type of paint used, you may find a base coat needs to be applied before the paint. When this is the case, ensure that it is correct for the type of metal.     

Step 3 – Apply Paint

Once the base coat is dry, the paint can be applied to the metal deck railing. Avoid drips and spills by not overloading the paintbrush or roller. Work in a methodical manner from one end to the other to avoid spoiling your work. If a second coat is necessary, wait for the first coat to dry before applying it.

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