Painting a Modern Bedroom Painting a Modern Bedroom

What You'll Need
Base paint
Accent paint
Paint rollers and brushes
Paint tray

When deciding how to paint a modern bedroom, several considerations must be made. Modern painting styles include clean lines, solid colors and geometric shapes. Unlike contemporary, which focuses on earth tones, a modern feel will center around industrial colors. The paint job in a modern bedroom should not be too bold, rather, focused on exposing the natural features of the room and highlighting the design of the furniture within the room.

Choose Base Shade

Modern rooms focus on simplicity. The paint in a modern bedroom should enhance the room through its simple colors. Most modern bedrooms contain one base shade or color. This base shade can be, but is not limited to: gray, black or white. If you'd rather have a spice of color in the room, choose deep, muted colors. A burgundy red, deep sea blue or dandelion yellow will work in a modern room.

Choose an Accent Color

The accent color should be the opposite of your base color. For example, if you chose to have a shade (gray, black or white) then make your accent a color (red, blue, yellow, etc.). Choosing the opposite of your base will keep the room simplified. You do not want the colors and shades to clash. This accent color will be the focus of the accessories that go into the room.

An accent color when painting a modern bedroom is not necessary. However, if you choose to have one, it is important to understand how to properly include it in the painting of the walls.

Painting the Accent Wall

When including an accent color, choose one wall on which to paint the color. This should be the main wall of the room. It is best to choose a wall a large piece of furniture will rest against (i.e. bed or dresser). Additionally, it should be a wall that you see when you first walk into the room. Creating the accent wall is the most fun part of the modern painting process. There are several methods to painting the accent wall.

Solid Color

If you have chosen gray as your base shade and red as your accent color, you will paint three of the walls gray. Then on the main wall (oftentimes the wall the headboard of the bed will rest against) paint the accent color. The whole wall will be the accent color. This technique works well when you have additional accessories to hang on the wall after painting.


Modern painting focuses on solid colors and geometric shapes. If you would rather use an accent wall in a unique, more challenging way, consider painting geometrically on the wall. Paint all four walls with the base shade. Once it has finished drying, begin using the accent paint to paint the accent wall. Some options for using this method include, painting wall to ceiling stripes of the accent color alternating with a strip of the base shade. You could also paint various square of different sizes randomly on the wall. If you do not have other wall accessories, this method will add pizazz to the wall while keeping within the modern feel.


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