Painting Aluminum Fascia: 5 Tips

Unlike wood or shingled surfaces, aluminum fascia is prone to oxidation. Painting is the easiest way to enhance the fascia’s aesthetics, and protect it from the elements of weather. Use the following tips to paint your aluminum fascia for best results:

1. Buy the Right Paint

You should buy aluminum-specific paint, easily available in hardware stores. Aluminum fascia cannot be painted with the paints retailed for painting household surfaces like walls or wood. Acrylic latex elastomeric paints are usually recommended for aluminum surfaces.

2. Basic Cleaning is Vital

You need to clean the aluminum fascia before painting it. Do this comprehensively, using a broom and a cleaning solution, prepared with water and some household detergent. You can scrub the aluminum fascia without the fear of damaging it. Allow the fascia to dry properly before proceeding further.

3. Use a Primer Coating

Before painting the aluminum fascia, you need to prepare it with a coat of primer. Use an oil-based primer, specifically retailed for metallic surfaces like aluminum. You should follow the manufacturer's guidelines for applying the primer. Allow the primer to dry properly. Usually, this period lasts for 48 hours or more.

4. Conduct Basic Repairs

Repairing the aluminum fascia is necessary if it has any cracks. For this, a special kind of reinforcing fabric is available at local hardware stores. This compound is rather easy-to-use, since it is packaged with a dedicated applicator.

5. Apply Paint with Care

You can apply the paint using a brush, a paint-roller or spray paint. Apply a single coat, and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours. Apply additional coats if necessary, or if it is instructed on the paint’s packaging.