Painting an Iron Railing Painting an Iron Railing

What You'll Need
Wire brush and drill
Metal primer
Metal paint

Painting an iron railing is an easy job. It will take you a few hours, but much of that time is allowing the paint to dry. It’s a task that takes no special tools or skill.

Step 1 - Cleaning

Put a drop cloth under the iron railing to aid clean up. Scrape off the loose paint and then use a wire brush on a power drill to remove all the rest of the paint. Take your time over this and get into all the corners.

Step 2 - Primer

Once the metal has been cleaned use a metal primer paint. Apply a thin coat. Use a paintbrush as this will allow you to cover all the metal. Once the first coat has dried apply a second coat and give it time to dry fully.

Step 3 - Paint

Select a paint that’s made for metal. Use the paintbrush to apply it. Start with a thin coat of paint on the iron railing then leave it to dry. Once it’s fully dried apply a second coat and give that ample time to dry on the iron railing. Once everything is dry, clean up the area.

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