Painting Brake Calipers

What You'll Need
Paint use spray type
Grease cleaners
Floor jacks
Drop cloth
Small soft paint brush
Drill with wire brush
Spray solvent
Paint tape

Jazzing up your car by painting brake calipers is very cool and can be done in an afternoon. You can purchase a kit to do this or you can just get the things you need and do it yourself. First, do you know what your calipers are? They are those big pieces of metal you see through your wheels that usually get dirty and rusty looking. Now, let's take a look at how you can make them look better.

Step 1 - Preparing the Calipers

When you paint the calipers you are not going to be able to drive the car for 24 hours. So get ready to let it set. Park the car on a level area, set the parking brake and put it up on floor jacks. Remove all 4 wheels.  Now would be a good time to rotate your tires. Set the tires aside and now you are going to concentrate of cleaning those rusty calipers. using some solvent or brake cleaner add some to the calipers and use the wire wheel with the drill attached. Make sure that you are wearing your goggles and breathing mask. Any dirt left over clean it off with grease remover and then spray with brake cleaner. Wipe clean and dry.

Step 2 - Painting the Calipers

If you haven't already put down your drop cloths do it now. Get your paint tape out and tape off all the areas around the calipers you might hit with the paint brush accidentally. Make sure you tape them securely. If there is still brake cleaner on them it will not stick so clean with the degreaser first. Now take your time and spray on your first coat of paint. do it even and do not over spray or let it run. Let this set for a while and spray the other calipers. Spray each one at least 5 coats. Let them all dry evenly. Don't let an clumps or runs happen. Use a rag and wipe it off and respray. Take your time, there is no hurry and you can't drive the car until 24 hours have expired anyway.

Step 3 - Finishing up the Job

Now you have to remove all the masking tape. Do this carefully and slowly taking care not to strip off any paint with it. Don't leave any remnants of tape on the car. Put your wheels back on and tighten up your lug nuts tightly. Lower the car and take it out to show off to your neighborhood. You can do this by taking the calipers off the car, but if you take care there is no need. You can also use non-spray paint, but you have to mix a reactor in it which makes it time sensitive so we didn't go that route with this article.