Painting Brick Exterior Siding Painting Brick Exterior Siding

What You'll Need
Power washer (or strong spray nozzle for a standard hose)
Latex paint and primer
Concrete filler
Rollers (or sprayer)
Paint brushes
Drop cloths
Painter's tape
Strong detergent
Stiff nylon brush

Brick exterior doesn't always look as wonderful as we'd like it too, and oftentimes a fresh coat of paint is all you need for a totally new curb appeal. Follow the tips below to paint your brick siding. If you have paint already on the house, skip to the bottom for tips on how to remove that.

Step 1 - Wash the Brick Exterior Siding

Since the siding has been exposed to a lot of dirt and general weathering, you want to give it a thorough cleaning. Otherwise, dust will cause the paint to not stick the the surface, and it will make the paint job look inconsistent. Use your power washer or a strong hose setting to thoroughly clean off the brick siding.

Step 2 - Repair Damages

If you find any damages on your brick, use the concrete filler to fix them. Everything is going to be painted over anyways, so feel free to fix just about any issues without worrying about aesthetics.

Step 3 - Prepare the Area for Painting

Set down all of your drop cloths and tape off anything that you do not want to get paint on. Windows and doors should be covered well.

Step 4 - Apply Primer

Using your roller, apply primer to the brick exterior siding. Since the roller won't be able to get in the grout line, use a paint brush to fill in the leftover areas. Give it a nice and thorough coating so that the paint can stick well. Allow this to dry for a substantial time before proceeding.

Step 5 - Apply Paint

Here you have 2 options: roll or spray. If you don't know how to use a sprayer, then just proceed with rolling on the paint like you did the primer. The spray may help give a more even look though, so if you can use it, do so. In either case, apply the paint and allow a few hours drying time in between coats, depending on how sunny it is. Put on as many coats as you'd like until you get the desired look.

Removing Old Paint

If you have to remove paint from your brick exterior, follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Mix the Detergent

Combine 2 pounds of detergent with water. Mix it well.

Step 2 - Apply the Detergent to the Brick Exterior

Take the detergent mixture and put it on the exterior siding. Apply a rather liberal coat. Let it set for 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 3 - Scrub off the Paint

Use the stiff nylon brush to scrub off all the paint from the exterior. If necessary, rise down the walls and reapply the solution. Repeat until all of the old paint has been removed.

Step 4 - Rinse the Walls

Use your hose to rinse off the walls until they are free of the solution and old paint pieces. Then you are ready to start with the procedure listed above.





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