Painting Brick Fireplaces: 4 Tips

Painting brick fireplaces can be an easy task to complete. As bricks do not always age beautifully, oftentimes there is a need to cover the fireplace with paint in order to make it more attractive. Painted bricks offer a clean and uniform look. Below are some helpful tips to achieve the best result when painting brick fireplaces.

1. Wash the Bricks Thoroughly Before Painting

Wash the bricks thoroughly, and then allow them to dry. In order to remove sealant or grease spots on the bricks, use muriatic acid to scratch the surface. Removing grease and sealer from the brick surface will allow the primer to adhere completely to the surface.

2. Make Repairs Before Painting

Double check the condition of the bricks after they are cleaned. If there are cracks or holes on the bricks, repair them before you start painting.

3. Choose a Primer that is Suited for Stonework or Masonry

As fireplace bricks are in contact with high heat, choose a primer that is made to withstand heat. You don’t want to end up repainting your fireplace bricks often because you chose the wrong type of primer. Make sure to apply primer not only on the surface, but also between the bricks’ edges.

4. Make Sure the Paint is Suited for a Fireplace

Make sure to use semi-gloss acrylic latex paint for your fireplace bricks. Aside from choosing a primer meant for a fireplace, be sure you choose a paint that is also appropriate for painting brick fireplaces.