Painting Crown Molding Painting Crown Molding

What You'll Need
Plastic sheets
Work gloves
Roller brush
Beveled brush

While painting crown molding, make sure you pick a paint that compliments and blends with the existing tone in the room. Painting crown molding is easy. You need to have the basic tools and materials handy.

Step 1 – Gearing Up

While setting out on painting the crown molding, make sure you are geared up appropriately. Have your work gloves on and wear protective eye glasses. As additional precaution cover your nose and mouth.

Step 2 – Prepping the Room

Before you start with painting the crown molding, make sure to prep up the area. If there are any wall hangings then shift them. Cover the floor with plastic sheets.

Step 3 – Inspection

In this step, inspect the installed crown moldings. Check the area between the wall and crown molding. If it is installed on the ceiling then check the space for any visible gaps.

Step 4 – Gaps

In case you notice gaps, you will have to fill them up with a caulk. Follow it up by sanding the area where the caulk has been applied. Make sure you have a smooth surface.

Step 5 – Rest

Before you start painting the crown molding, it is imperative to let the places you filled with caulk rest. This will give it time to dry up.

Step 6 – Taping the Edges

This step requires you to prep the spots to be painted. Tape the edges of the crown molding. This is done to prevent the paint from spreading onto the wall or ceiling.

Step 7 – Primer Application

After sealing off the edges, proceed to apply primer on the molding. While painting crown molding with primer use the beveled brush. Side strokes will give a better finish.

Step 8 – The Curing Holder

Proceed to insert the cable into the available curing holder. It is important that the connector faces downwards.

Step 9 – Base Coat

Now you can begin with the painting crown molding process. With a roller brush apply the base coat on the crown molding. Do not proceed to the next step till it dries.

Step 10 – Coat Two

After the base coat has dried off, apply the second coat. Use a brush and apply it in side to side strokes. Again wait till the applied paint dries completely.

Step 11 – Inspecting for Irregularities

Observe the crown moldings. Any unevenness during painting crown molding, will surface at this point. Make sure to fix the uneven spots by touching it up a bit.

Step 12 – Finishing

The final step in the painting crown molding process is to take off the tape from the edges of the crown molding. It is imperative to peel the tape off when the paint is semi dry. It will come off easily. Do not wait till it dries off completely as it will peel the surface as well.



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