Painting Fiber Cement Board Siding: Mistakes to Avoid

Fiber cement board siding is relatively economical and durable. However, in order to maintain it in good condition, it is a good idea to paint it. It is the most straightforward method of sealing it. The paint will provide a protective layer to the siding, while enhancing its resistance against water and consequently improving its longevity. Let us highlight some mistakes you should avoid doing when painting fiber cement board siding.

Failure to Apply the Paint on a Clean Surface

If the siding is not wiped clean from any dust, dirt or other residues, prior to applying the paint, it will end up not adhering that properly and neatly.

Choosing the Wrong Paint

It is crucial to choose the right type of paint. Failure to choose an exterior house paint of a good quality is a common mistake. Also, never use oil-based primers.

Not Priming

Another common mistake it to apply the paint directly onto the siding. You should first apply at least two coatings of exterior primer first.

Not Applying the Paint Properly

While painting you should make sure that you apply the paint evenly and neatly. A common mistake is to fail to cover any nails and seams completely. These areas need to be coated well so as to seal the area properly and avoid any moisture from building up.

Applying Only One Coating

You should never apply just one coating. It is best to allow the first coating to dry and then apply a second coating for better results.