Painting Galvanized Corrugated Roof Panels Painting Galvanized Corrugated Roof Panels

What You'll Need
Corrugated roof panels
Acrylic latex paint
Galvanized metal primer
Pressure washer
Detachable telescopic handle
Paint roller
Paint roller tray
A-frame ladder
Drop cloth

Corrugated roof panels are one of several different options that can be chosen when roofing is required to a property. If you are keen to create a cohesive look for your house or are simply not a fan of the natural color, you can consider painting the panels. Being aware of the correct process for the painting project will ensure that you achieve the desired appearance.

Step 1 – Clean

It is necessary to prepare the corrugated roof panels for painting, which will include cleaning them to ensure the surface is ready to accept the paint. An easy way to undertake this is with the use of a pressure washer on its lowest setting, however, it can also be completed with a bucket of diluted cleaning solution and a scrubbing brush. Work across the entire surface of the roof, making sure that the water is rinsed away and not allowed to pool. This step should be undertaken even if the roof doesn’t appear to need it. Allow the roof panels to dry thoroughly before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2 – Prepare   

In addition to preparing the corrugated roof panels, it will also be necessary to prepare the surrounding area. This will often be no more than moving aside items that could suffer damage or that are in the way. It is also prudent to lay a drop cloth to protect the floor beneath the roof from accidental paint splatter. Make sure that the ladder you are using to access the roof is offered enough space around the property to position it safely.

Step 3 – Prime

Once the corrugated roof panels are clean and dry, you will be in a position to apply galvanized metal primer. This will act as a base coat for the paint and will also protect the metal of the roof. By attaching a telescopic handle to the paint roller, you will find it easier to apply the primer. Start at the highest point you can reach and gradually work your way down. After application, the primer can be smoothed down with a paintbrush, which will ensure that the liquid doesn’t pool in any particular area. Allow the primer to dry in accordance with the instructions, which can be as long as two hours. In the meantime, make sure you thoroughly wash the tools used.       

Step 4 – Paint

After the primer is dry, you can proceed to apply the paint to the roof panels in the desired color. Pour acrylic latex paint into a roller tray to enable you to access it more easily. Attach the telescopic handle to the paint roller to enable you to reach the entire roof with the paint. Cover the entire surface and use a paintbrush to smooth out the liquid to avoid it gathering at any point and to ensure edges are neat.

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