Painting Kitchen Cabinets: 2 Tips for Varnish Removal Painting Kitchen Cabinets: 2 Tips for Varnish Removal

Varnish removal may require the use of a good, strong chemical solvent. Extra precautions need to be taken when removing varnish from kitchen cabinets. Wear eye goggles, gloves, and a protective breathing mask. It may be best to not have children or pets in the room.

Scraping and Washing

Varnish may be able to be removed from kitchen cabinets with a damp cloth or paper towel if it is fresh. If the varnish is old, you can begin scraping it with a flat tool or a putty knife. After scraping as much of it away as you can, you can use soap and water to help finish removing it.

Paint Remover and Turpentine

Another way to remove varnish from kitchen cabinets before painting them again is to use turpentine or paint remover. These solvents can be applied with a sponge. These solvents are flammable and need to be used very carefully. Paint remover and turpentine release fumes that can be hazardous. It is advised to wear a breathing mask when using turpentine and paint remover. After either of these solvents has been used to remove varnish, wash the cabinets down with soap and water.


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