Painting Over a Fresh Tub Repair Painting Over a Fresh Tub Repair

Once you have performed a tub repair, you may notice that the fixed part of your bathtub does not fit with the rest of the bathroom suite. A repaired tub will often have a ceramic filler, which will stand out as bright white. It will draw attention to the damage in your tub; it may even look worse than the original cause of your tub repair. While you could have adjusted the filler or caulk so that it more closely resembled your original tub color, another option is to use a ceramic tile paint to cover mistakes.


Before you can start painting over the tub repair, you need to protect the rest of the surface. Paint splashes on ceramic bathtubs can be very difficult to remove; a solution is simply to mask the area that doesn't need to be painted. Use masking tape around the sides of the bath and waterproof sheeting, such as garbage bin liners or plastic bags.

It is also a good idea to cover the faucets, cabinets, and bathroom furniture that could accidentally splashed. When you have covered the area that is not going to be painted, you should make sure that the bathtub is scrupulously cleaned and that there is no dirt or grit, which could get caught in the surface.

Refinishing the Bathtub

The most common method of covering a large tub repair is to refinish the bathtub using a fresh coat of paint. The paint will be sprayed over the surface of the entire tub, allowing you to create a uniform look. When you are using this method, you must sand the surface of the tub slightly in order to roughen surface. Doing so will allow the paint to grip more fully. You can use a spray paint for this purpose, as it will provide the best coverage.

Using a Small Amount of Paint

If you have only performed the tub repair on a small part of the bathtub, you may be reluctant to cover the entire area with a fresh coat of paint. The other solution is to use a small spot of paint that is not easy to dissolve in water. Some oil-based paints are suitable, although you can also find paints that are specifically designed to be used in bathrooms. They are usually waterproof and suitable for ceramic tiles. Apply your ceramic paint with a small paintbrush, taking care not to leave large streaks.

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