Painting Pine Flooring

What You'll Need
Floor enamel
Soft paint rollers
Painter's tape
Sponge brushes

Pine flooring is simple to deal with. Many people get bored of the look of plain pine planks. Fortunately painting pine flooring is simple, and can change the look of a room without much effort. There are a few things that need to be done in order to create a flawless painted floor. You should also know that this process can take several days, so you want to make plans for this before you embark on this improvement.

Step 1- Clean the Floor

Before you start taping or painting, you want to make sure the floor is completely clear of dirt and debris. Sweep, vacuum, and go over the floor with a lint-free cloth to ensure it's clear.

Step 2- Turn Up the Thermostat

A warmer floor will take paint much easier, and it will allow for a quicker dry time. Make sure your thermostat is set on at least 70 degrees, and keep it there for a full day before you start to paint.

Step 3- Taping

Just as you would with painting a wall, you want to tape off the areas that you don't want paint to bleed through. Tape and cover the baseboards or floor molding to prevent the paint from accidentally getting on them.

Step 4- Start in the Corners

It's best to start in the corners of the room and cut the paint in with an edger or small roller brush. You want to use a thin layer of paint for this. This way if you need to go back over the edges while you work on the rest of the floor it doesn't become a darker color or stick out.

Step 5- Painting the Rest of the Floor

Working in sections, start to roll the paint on to the rest of the floor. Use thin layers of paint and work slowly to reduce the risk of bubbles and wrinkles forming in the finish.

Step 6- 2nd Coat

After the paint has been applied, leave the area for at least 24 hours to allow the floor to dry. After this time you can begin to work with the second coat in the same manner in which you applied the first. Depending on the color you choose and the condition of the floors, you may need to repeat this process several times.

Step 7- Clean Up

Once the floor has dried and you have the finish you desired, you can remove the tape from the baseboards. Any areas around the edges that need to be touched up can be done with a sponge brush and a small amount of paint. Clean up the area, and wait a full day before moving the furniture back in to the room.


  • Painting on a rainy day, or during humid weather, can lead to wrinkles in the dry paint that are very hard to deal with. Try to paint during a time when the weather is clear and not humid.
  • Floor enamel is toxic. Be sure to wear painter's masks while working with it.