Painting Stone Cement Guidelines

When it comes to painting cement there are practically no limits because nowadays, there is a vast choice of different paints to satisfy your needs. Concrete stone tends to be very ugly if left in its natural state but with the help of some paint, you can transform it into something artistic. In order to make more attractive stone cement you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

Original Design

First of all, you may want to adopt a different style of painting, that is, instead of just applying paint to the stone cement, you may opt for a more original style. You can use paint in an artistic manner, that is, by making an artistic design (especially if it regards a patio) by using paint to draw a particular picture or design. You can either do it yourself or hire a local artist to design your paint project, either of which, the result is a magnificent stone cement painting. This is a more out of the ordinary guideline for painting your stone cement.

Finding the Right Paint

In order to maintain that stone look on cement you will need to follow some procedure to ensure the best result. Normally the biggest problem is the color of the paint because cement paint normally is found in shades of brown or gray only, thus it may require some paint mixing to find the best color for you. The latter is suggested to be done by a professional otherwise you may ruin the whole paint mixture.


For best results you will need to prepare the cement beforehand so that you can achieve a durable result, otherwise it will wear off very easily. In order for paint to stick properly to cement, first wash the surface really well and rinse it with water and leave it to dry. You may repeat the latter process more than once. This is a vital step and needs to be done if you wish your work to last.

How To Apply The Paint

First make sure that you have two different colors of paint, that is, one a little darker than the other (or lighter as the case may be). Always use the darker paint as the base and it is of utmost importance to let it dry properly before applying the lighter version of the paint, because if you have missed any spots these can only be noticed once the paint has dried.

Using a Roller Rather Than a Paint Brush

It is better to use a roller than a paint brush because rollers tend to drive the paint deeper in the surface. Obviously small areas can be done by a paint brush but use a roller on the main parts of the stone cement to ensure a perfect result. Also if there is any excess paint, remove it with a damp cloth in a blotting motion; this is another reason why you should use a roller because normally rollers don’t leave much excess paint.


These are some guidelines on what to do when you want to paint your stone cement. Remember that if you are unsure about anything ask your local paint vendor or ironmonger for guidance.