Painting Stucco: Mistakes to Avoid

Painting stucco can be a bit tricky. but is not outside the realm of a do-it-yourselfer if a few basic procedures are followed. There are many areas where stucco painting can go wrong, but these are the most common.

Inadequate Curing

The stucco needs to be adequately cured before any paint is applied. During the curing time it is important the stucco be wetted down to pull the excess lime out. If this process is rushed, the stucco itself will deteriorate rapidly. Painting the stucco right away is not an option.

Quick Patches

Cracks in stucco should be patched with an elastromeric stucco patching compound before painting. By painting over cracks which have not adequately been patched and sealed, water can get behind the paint. The results are peeling, molding and larger cracking.

Wet Stucco or High pH

A combination of wet stucco and/or a high pH can create hairline cracks along the entire surface of the paint. The paint will often begin flaking off or continue to crack until it no longer looks freshly painted. To avoid this, be sure to adequately cure the stucco, read the manufacturer's guidelines for the paint, and have the pH of the stucco tested before application of the paint.