Painting Tips for Interior Stucco Walls

If you want to add some paintwork to your interior stucco walls, then you may be unsure about how to apply your paint correctly to these textured surfaces. There are a number of ways in which you can get the best out of painting your interior stucco walls, without having to struggle to cover them properly.

Painting New Stucco

Like many forms of plaster, a new interior stucco wall will need time to dry out before you can paint it. Trying to apply paint to a brand new stucco wall will be very difficult, and it is best to allow the wall time to dry, or cure as it is known, before you add any decoration to it. After a couple of months, paint the stucco wall as usual.

Use Thick Paint

When you are painting your walls, you should use thicker paint, as this will tend to cling more to the walls. It is a good idea to cover the wall with primer, and allow this to dry before adding any paint. You should also purchase more paint than you would usually expect to need, as interior stucco walls will absorb more paint than other walls.