Painting Tips for Vinyl Clad Windows

Painting vinyl clad windows is not difficult to do. As long as you know about some mistakes to avoid and learn some tips, you should be able to paint them without any problem.

Cleaning and Preparation

Wash all dirt and debris away using a car wash brush and plenty of water. Then, use a thick cloth and wipe surface with acetone quickly in one direction, avoiding scrubbing. This will degrease and etch your surface to ensure better adhesion of paint. Never sand a vinyl surface. Allow 24 hours to dry.


Use an acrylic latex enamel to paint vinyl surfaces. Mask any surrounding surfaces that you wish to protect from paint. If you have panel dividing frames, you may over paint onto the glass and use a razor scraper to remove paint from window to prevent cutting in or masking multiple glass panels.

Manufacturers do not recommend straying too far from the factory color of your vinyl. This is because they do not guarantee adhesion of any type of paint to vinyl and will look terrible if peeling occurred and they were extremely differing colors.

Although it is not recommended to paint vinyl clad window frames, it can be done as long as you avoid problematic mistakes. As long as you are careful you may change the color of your vinyl window frames at any time.