Painting Vinyl Rain Gutters

What You'll Need
Acrylic based paint
Garden hose with sprayer nozzle
Scrub brush

Painting gutters will take some special considerations if they are vinyl. It can be difficult to get paint to adhere evenly to vinyl surfaces. If you have some time and the right materials you can paint your gutters in just a matter of hours.

Step 1 - Clean the Gutters

If you are able to remove the gutters easily you may want to consider doing this. You will need to clean the gutters well with a garden hose. You may need to use a basic household cleaner and a scrub brush for extra grimy spots. Allow the gutters to dry completely after cleaning.

Step 2 - Sanding

Sanding the gutters is only going to rough-up the surface, so you don't want to over-sand. Just gently run the sandpaper along the surface you plan on painting. This is going to allow the paint to adhere more evenly.

Step 3 - Paint

You can use a sprayer if you weren't removing the gutters from the structure. If you prefer to paint with a brush you can do this as well. Use an acrylic paint, and don't coat the gutters too heavily. The lighter the paint, the better the chances of it sticking to the surface. Once the paint has dried you may need to use a second coat.