Painting Wall Covering Painting Wall Covering

Painting wall covering is a practice that is generally frowned upon. Whenever possible, it is best to remove wallcoverings and prepare dry or masonry walls for a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes, however, wallpaper is extremely hard to remove. When this is the case, it is possible to paint over it.

Preparing for painting wall covering

Before diving into a project that involves painting wall covering, there are a few things to do. They include:

  • Double checking the wall – While it might be easier to go about painting wallcovering than removing paper, make sure this is the best option before moving ahead. If paper is falling off the wall, remove it instead.
  • Preparing the wall – Before painting wall covering, make sure to clean the surface and remove any stray wallpaper adhesive.
  • Repairing the wall – Painting wallcovering over holes and damaged spots is not recommended.

Painting wallcovering right

Once a wall is prepared for painting wall covering, the actual job can begin. To gain the best possible results, make sure to:

  • Test the paper – There’s little point in painting wall covering if the paper will not continue to adhere to the wall once it gains this extra weight. It’s best to test a spot.
  • Select paint with care – Make sure to pick the right color paint to cover the surface. A primer might be smart, but paper might not take the extra weight.

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