Painting a Window Frame Painting a Window Frame

Painting a window frame is very easy, and it can really make a difference to the appearance of the room. A window frame is the wood the surrounds a window. This can include the trim and the window apron. Almost all window frames are painted with a glossy paint, but you will want to use whatever color matches the rest of the trim.

  • Step 1: Prep the window frame for paint by cleaning it and sanding down any areas that have chipped or built up paint.
  • Step 2: Use tape and newspaper to completely cover the glass. Make sure to put tape around the trim so you don't get paint on the wall.
  • Step 3: If you are painting a brand new window, you will need to prime the surface first and let it dry. If there is already a layer of paint on you can skip the primer.
  • Step 4: Mix up a can of glossy paint and put it on the window frame. Be careful not to paint the widow shut.

Drying Time for a Window Frame

Allow your window frame at least 24 hours to dry. After the paint is dry you can remove the tape and newspaper and check for places where the paint may have leaked through.

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