Painting Your Pantry Shelving: 9 Tips

When you paint your pantry shelving you need to prepare with suitable materials and learn how to make your job easier. The choice of paints, bases and finishes is essential and may determine the durability of the paint.

1. Remove the Shelves when Painting

Remove the shelves from the pantry when you paint them. This will make your task easier and you will have access to all surfaces that require painting. Study the way the shelves are installed and take a few pictures, if needed. These pictures will help you when you reinstall the shelves. Typically, you need a screwdriver to remove the shelves.

2. Choose a Well Ventilated Area

Choose a well ventilated working space when painting the shelves. Many paints contain substances that are toxic if inhaled and these may harm you and your family.

3. Use Protective Items

Protect yourself by wearing glasses, a mask and rubber gloves. Protect the floors from paint drips by placing old newspapers.

4. Seal Shelves before Painting

Use wood sealer to seal the shelves before you apply the primer and paint. A sealer makes the area smoother.

5. Use Primer

Primer is used before applying the actual paint and helps the paint adhere better to the surface. Use primer to make the painting more durable. Apply 1 or 2 coats of primer and allow the surface to dry between coats.

6. Choose the Right Paints

When choosing the paints you use for your pantry shelves, you should consider several factors including the drying time, environmental impact and the chemicals that make up the paints. There are many types of paints that are suitable for pantry shelving. Water based paints dry quickly, but may require more coats. Oil based paints may be more prone to chipping.

7. Sand the Shelves

Sand the shelves several times while you prepare and paint them. Firstly, sand the shelves when you prepare them for the primer. Sand between each coat of primer and then sand between each coat of paint. The foundation needs to be smooth for the finish.

The grit of the sandpaper you use depends on the material the shelves are made from and on the stage of your work. Use a 330 grit sandpaper when you prepare the shelves for primer and a 220 girt sandpaper when you sand between the coats of primer or paint.

8. Apply Finish

The type of finish you use depends on the type of paint you choose. For instance, an oil based paint requires oil based finish. If you use a water based finish on an oil paint, the oil will stain the finish and the shelves will have an unappealing look.

Choose between high gloss, medium or matte finish.

9. Allow Shelves to Dry before Using

The paint and finish on the pantry shelves should be completely dry when you reinstall them. Allow up to 2 days to dry. Check the labels of the finishes or paints you use and find out the time necessary for drying.