Painting your Patio Bar Set: 4 Ideas for the Best Design Painting your Patio Bar Set: 4 Ideas for the Best Design

What You'll Need
Sand Paper
Paint Stripper
Paint Brushes
Broken or Mosaic Tiles
Tiles Adhesive

A patio bar set spends its time outside, and will therefore take a serious beating from the weather over the years. From time to time, you may decide to replace your patio furniture with a new set, but you can also jazz up your old set without spending nearly as much money. Your new look patio set will still have the same comfort as your old set, but will look totally different after a facelift.

Step 1 – Jungle Style

Paint large leaves on the arms of the chairs and any large parts of the chairs and bar.  If your patio furniture has seen better days, and your garden is of a tropical nature in design, you can opt to paint your patio furniture in a camouflage style.  Buy fabric which compliments the jungle style, without overtaking the design and making it too gaudy or clashing.  Painting the chair arms white, and the rest of the chair with green shades, is also another way of partially camouflaging your patio furniture, without completely covering it green paint. It will stand out and look fresh and clean.

Step 2 – Contemporary

Adopt a hotel chic fashion outside. Hotel chic is a popular fashion of the 21st century for indoor furniture. Depending on the style of your patio furniture, you can paint the frames of the stools and bar to achieve the neutral color look. If the style of the patio set is not suited to contemporary--for example, it may be old country cottage style with shaped legs or country kitchen chairs--you can still paint it neutral, to give it a fresh look.

Step 3 – Victorian Style

If your patio bar set is made from cast iron, you can refinish the surfaces with cream, white or black to create a Victorian look to your set. Paint cast iron in a Victorian style, with suitable brushes. Make sure you get into all the small areas, which have been shaped or cut out. It will freshen up the appearance as well as give it fresh style. These smaller areas need a good covering. to make sure that rust doesn’t creep into any unpainted surface.

Step 4 – Mexican Style

Use Mexican influences for your patio bar. If your patio set has a bar with a suitable surface, you have the option of laying tiles onto it, or creating a Mexican style mosaic on the surface. The chairs can be painting either the same color or different colors. There is no reason why your chairs or stools have to look uniform, and showing some individuality can be a little quirky. Set a mosaic pattern into the top of your table, using broken or mosaic tiles, and set them with good tile adhesive. Once dry, grout the tiles, and leave to harden. Wipe the tile surface, and it is ready for use.

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