Painting Your Pool Deck - Three Creative Ideas Painting Your Pool Deck - Three Creative Ideas

Painting a pool deck doesn’t have to be a boring job. Here are a few ideas to liven up your deck.


You can create a unique effect by using grit in the paint, but don't just use any old substance. Go to your local hardware or paint store and look for a non-slip texture. If you have a sand-colored paint with the texture, you can have the illusion of sand instead of plain old wood. As a bonus, it will provide better traction in wet areas around the pool and prevent slipping.


Consider a beach-themed mural or scenes from a pond, like fish or frogs. A deck mural doesn’t have to be perfect! Don’t be afraid to use stencils, get creative with freehand, or even use a slide projector to get the image outlined the way you want it.

Draw From Nature

If you don’t have children around and want a more sophisticated look for your pool area, take inspiration from the nature surrounding you. Flowers and ladybugs are pretty and simple, or if you live in a wooded area, try incorporating some of the pine greens in to the paint. You can also achieve a relaxing zen style look by keeping everything minimalist with clean lines and neutral colors.

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