Add Color to Any Room by Painting a Window Blind

What You'll Need
outdoor enamel spray paint (in one or more desired colors)
primer (in the spray can)]
rubber gloves
Graph paper and colored pencils are optional.

Blinds don't have to be drab and colorless things you hide behind curtains. Add Blinds don't have to be drab and colorless things you hide behind curtains. Add color to any window by painting your blinds. It's a fun and easy project that won't take long to accomplish.

1) You will need to start with clean blinds. If your blinds are dirty, you will need to clean them thoroughly before painting. The best way to do this by soaking them in soapy water in the tub, rinsing them with the shower, and then laying them outside to dry.

2) Now it's time to decide on a design. If you want a consistent pattern, you might want to determine the design you want by coloring lines on a graph paper. For wide bands of color, plan on painting 3-4 adjacent slats. For narrower bands, only paint one or two. Count how many slats are displayed when the blind is hung on the window to insure that you paint enough.

3) Once your blind is clean, it's time to take it apart. Don't worry, this is easier than it sounds. Remove the end caps and the metal cover from the bottom bar. Unknot or cut the cord ends and pull them out of the slats. Then slide the slats from the ladderlike cording on each side.

4) Place all the slats you intend to paint one color on newspaper in a well-ventalated room or outside. Make sure the slats do not touch or cover each other. Cover surrounding areas with newspaper as well. Put on your rubber gloves and get ready to paint!

5) It is best to test one slat first to insure the paint will stick. Ordinary paint won't stick to slick surfaces like metal and plastic. That's where primer comes in. A good primer will allow you to paint virtually any surface. Plus, it can cover any discolorings or stains on the blinds.

6) Spray the paint onto the slats using a back and forth sweeping motion. Be careful not to stop painting in the middle of the slat as this will cause paint drips. Once the paint has dried thoroughly, turn the slats over and paint the other side. Once both sides are dry, repeat this process with each color.

7) Allow the blind to dry overnight. Then thread the slats back onto the blind in the desired order and reinstall the cords. All that is left to do is to hang the blind and enjoy.

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