Changing Colors With Paint on Your Couch Fabric

Tip : Use acrylic craft paint mixed with medium for fabrics.

I purchased two couches for $150. One full size couch and one love seat. The construction was good. The lines were good. I was in need of new seating for Christmas one year and did not want to go in debt for the $3000. 00 worth of leather couches that I really wanted.

I found these couches in the classified ads. When I went to see them I was a little taken back at the fabric. It was yellow with huge orange cabbage roses. It reminded me of a Hollywood, California garden room from the 1960's. I was in urgent need for furniture so because it was a good buy, sound and good straight lines; I purchase it.

My husband and son were aghast when they went to pick it up. My husband said to my son, "don't say anything to Mom, we don't want to hurt her feelings. " After all it was Christmas and I had been shopping for new furniture, and for Christmas gifts and we had company coming. This was the wonderful solution I came up with; I had a burgundy colored recliner that had to be in the same room with this garish furniture. So I went to the craft store and bought some new colors of acrylic craft paint and medium for fabric. I painted those big orange roses pink. It was so easy. All I had to do was swirl the paint around on the petals and it looked great. No one could tell I had painted them. It was the most fun, satisfying decorating project I ever did. Recently I upholstered those same couches. So they proved to be a very good investment. Necessity is the mother of invention.

This helpful article was provided by community member Jane Cartledge.