Quick and Easy Room Update with New Paint Quick and Easy Room Update with New Paint

The right paint can quickly change the feel of a room.

(NAPSI) - Regardless of what interior design reality shows might have you believe, you don't need a five-person design team to change the look and feel of your room. Simple changes, such as adding paint, can take a room from ordinary to extraordinary in just a few hours.

Painting your home is an opportunity to create a mood and express what inspires you. Adding or changing color can warm up the living room, create a relaxing oasis in the bathroom, or make the bedroom a dreamy retreat. The options are almost limitless when it comes to paint - Olympic Paints alone offers a palette of more than 1,200 interior colors.

Painting doesn't have to be a chore. Today's selection of colors, tools and techniques takes the challenges and fears out of painting. Below are five simple painting solutions to help your inner interior designer shine through:

1. Find your inspiration. Choosing a paint color for your room is easy. The key is finding your favorite item - a painting, a pillow or even a lampshade - and matching the paint color to your inspiration piece.

2. Choose the best sheen for your space. Wall sheens can vary depending upon the room. Ceilings are usually a flat sheen and molding is often satin or semi-gloss. By room, the following sheens are recommended: The family room, living room, dining room or bedroom should be painted with flat, eggshell or satin paint. Kids' rooms should be painted with satin or semi-gloss. Kitchens and baths should be painted in semi-gloss or hi-gloss.

3. Consider size. The size of your room is a huge consideration when choosing color. Different shades can be used in different rooms to help maximize or minimize a space. Make small rooms feel larger by using light and airy colors or a monochromatic color scheme. Make a large room feel cozy by using warm, dark colors on the ceiling.

4. Avoid harmful paint fumes. Paint fumes stink - literally. The volatile organic compounds (VOC) found in most paints cause a strong odor and may make your painting experience unpleasant. Avoid a headache by using low-odor/zero-VOC paints, such as those made by Olympic Paints.

5. Buy the right amount of paint. A simple formula will ensure you have just the right amount of paint for your project: Determine the square footage of your room, then divide this number by 400. This will give you the number of gallons you need to purchase.
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