Panasonic Steam Iron

Available at an affordable price, a Panasonic steam iron may be a standard model or feature an innovative 360-degree elliptical design. With about 10 distinct models, Panasonic provides plenty of options for consumers seeking a quality, convenient household steam iron. Panasonic offers traditional corded models as well as cordless irons which attach to a corded power base. Cordless units offer added mobility when ironing and no tangles to deal with when storing.

Panasonic Models

Panasonic offers 4 innovative steam iron designs that feature a 360-degree elliptical soleplate. These provide all-direction ironing that won't bunch up fabric. Models include:

  • NI-WL600
  • NI-W810CS
  • NI-W750TS
  • NI-W450TS

Priced from $40 to $100, these steam/dry irons feature a curved stainless steel soleplate or one coated with ceramic, titanium or silver-impregnated titanium depending on the model. Standard Panasonic irons include 6 other NI-designated models, such as the NI-5200TS and NI-L70SR. These come with an MSRP anywhere from $23 to $70.


Panasonic steam irons feature a 3-way automatic shutoff that powers the unit down whether placed upright, on end or flat. Performance features include adjustable steam and temperature controls and a push-button steam/dry selector. Select models feature a detachable water tank for easy refilling. Cordless units come with a recharging base, while corded models incorporate a retractable cord with or without a reel.