Panel Siding 101

Siding on a white background.

Panel siding is hardboard, or large cuts of plywood sheets, that are used as a siding or sheathing on a building. This building can be commercial or residential.

How Do I Install Panel Siding?

Siding is not a very hard job for an experienced DIYer. It is important to estimate how much the panel siding will cost, how much time will need to be invested, and then compare it to hiring a contractor. For the most part, doing it yourself will be more financially beneficial.

Determine how much you will need by measuring the height and length of all windows and doors. When you have those, multiply the height by the length to know how much to subtract from the total.

Before you start, clean the side of the house by removing any debris or fixtures. After that, utilize a mason’s line to create a straight line all around the perimeter of the building.

When starting, nail the starter strips to the perimeter and under windows. Next, install j-channels, and then being with the panel siding.