Paneling 4 - Planning Paneling 4 - Planning

Margin of Error: Not applicable

Most Common Mistake

  • Not taking the time to plan carefully before purchasing the materials for your project.

Properly chosen, paneling can enhance a room and make it a warm, inviting place to spend time. Become familiar with the varying colors and textures of today's paneling selections before making your decision. For example, a dark attic is more suited to a pastel panel, while a sunny family room would better accept a deeper tone.

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The choice between sheet paneling and tongue and groove paneling is one of personal taste and expense. The solid wood tongue and groove is more expensive as well as more difficult to install. However, there are many people who find the richness of the natural wood to be well worth the extra expense.

To determine the amount of sheet paneling you will need, multiply the length of your wall by its width and then divide by 32 (the area of a 4 x 8 panel). For tongue and groove paneling, determine your area and consult with your dealer as widths of tongue and groove paneling vary. For molding, measure the linear feet. Avoid splicing short pieces by purchasing extra lengths of paneling from which to cut.

These pages will discuss a variety of situations to help you choose the easiest, most cost effective method of applying your chosen paneling.

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