Pantry Shelving Ideas

Although women are no longer seen as mere housewives, there is completely nothing wrong with being able to master the art of pantry shelving in a manner that compares you to Martha Stewart. In fact, having well-organized shelves are actually great because it allows you to finish tasks with ease and less hassle. You can rush in and out of your pantry to look for cans and other ingredients without having to be frustrated about all the clutter.


This may sound as if you have to do a lot of things but that’s only when you’re starting. All you have to do is to group the things that you usually get for your kitchen, i.e. canned goods, cereals, baking ingredients and condiments. When you are done classifying, assign each shelf a grouping and then label the shelves. The labels will help you place things that belong together at the same time it allows you to find what you are looking for a lot faster.

By Popularity

Of course, you must have a system of placing similar ingredients in the same shelf. The best way to organize shelves is to place the things that you use more often in the front where you can see them. You do not want to be clearing out all the things on one shelf just because you need more oil and it happens to be at the very back. Have the things you frequently need where they’re most accessible.

By Weight

Now, how do you know which item goes on the top shelf and which one goes on the bottom shelf? The rule is the heavier ones stay at the bottom and the lighter ones stay up. So between some napkins and plates the napkins go up and the plates stay somewhere in the middle.


You’ll want to place the foodstuffs that your children usually munch on the shelves that they can easily reach. If you place them on top high shelves, they may attempt to climb through the shelving or step on something and that can spell a disaster. Also make sure that nothing bulky or heavy is in front of cereal boxes or beverages.

Open Pantry

Although it’s traditional to have a pantry with doors or inside a closet, you’ll actually feel more compelled to keep your pantry neat and tidy if you have an open one. Open pantries look the same way as an ordinary pantry does with all the shelving, only that you don’t have to go through a door to get to it. The best thing about this is you can make a pantry out of reclaimed corners which makes it perfect for homes that aren’t that big but have spacious nooks. Lastly, because it’s always exposed you’ll feel more compelled to keep it tidy.