Parging Parging

Contractors use a term called parging when applying a thin coat of mortar or concrete to a wall in order to protect and repair its surface from the effects of air voids or to improve the appearance of concrete block. The appearance then becomes that of stucco.

Should you find yourself in need of parging a wall and wish to consider doing it yourself here are a few things worth noting. You will need to have the proper tools for application which may be found in any hardware, home improvement, or lumber supply store. Portland cement, sand and water are the ingredients used to create the parging mixture.

Parging Application Steps

  • Mix Portland Cement, sand and water to a consistency you find easy to apply
  • Dampen the wall surface with water
  • Using a trowel, apply a very thin layer of your mixture to the wall surface
  • Apply the mixture by overlapping and use a sweeping curved motion

The steps used above in parging your concrete wall surface will create a surface that can be painted for a finished look. 

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