Parquet Floor Parquet Floor

A parquet floor can add charm and beauty to your home. There are many different styles to choose from and the care, as well as the cost, is considerably less than that of a hardwood floor.

Care of a Parquet Floor

If you own a parquet floor than you are no stranger to the scratches and other abrasions the floor encounters. If you have found that your parquet floor has damages to it, you can easily handle them without professional help.

  • A wax touch up stick can be used to color in the scratch. You can find the wax available in many different colors to match your parquet floor. You can use a putty knife to scrape off any excess wax and then buff the spot.
  • Markers are available in your home improvement store that contain stains to match your parquet floor. These are great tools for scratches.
  • For heavy damages on your parquet floor you can surround the area with masking tape and sand off the damaged finish following the grain. You can then re-stain the parquet floor and add a new finish.

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