Parquet Flooring vs Laminate Flooring

Both laminate and parquet flooring can provide you with beautiful and durable flooring options for your home. However, when trying to decide between them, it may be difficult for you to decide which one to buy. Here are a few things to consider about parquet and laminate flooring.

Real vs Faux

One of the big differences between parquet and laminate flooring is that one is real wood all the way through and the other is not. Parquet is made of real pieces of hardwood that are fixed together to form a tile pattern. Laminate is made up of a core of pressed wood and then has a digital image of wood or tile on top of that. Above the image is a clear walking layer that is made for durability. Therefore, if you want real wood, parquet would be the way to go.


When comparing laminate and parquet, laminate is going to be the most durable of the two. The top layer of laminate is very hard and is great at resisting scratches. Parquet is made out of wood and therefore, it is softer. This makes it more susceptible to scratches and dents than a laminate floor would be.