Parquet Floors 6 - Applying the Adhesive Parquet Floors 6 - Applying the Adhesive

Margin of Error: Not applicable

Most Common Mistakes

  1. Using wrong adhesives.
  2. Applying when adhesive or room is too cold.
  3. Using wrong trowel.

After the subfloor has been properly prepared, clean and vacuum well and be sure there are no protrusions from nails, splinters, and so on. Be sure to provide good ventilation, such as a window fan, because adhesive fumes can be toxic. Also, extinguish all pilot lights or open flames since some adhesives are highly combustible.

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Be sure you have chosen the proper adhesive for the flooring, and follow the manufacturer's instructions closely. Most adhesives should be stored in a room heated at 70 degrees for 24 hours before applying. I also recommend that you store the wood tiles loosely in the room for at least 24 hours so they can acclimate to its temperature and humidity. If you have not been able to store the adhesives in a heated room before applying, you can place the unopened can in hot water to heat it up.

Use a toothed trowel and spread the adhesive in the area you will be working in. Spread up to, but do not cover, your working layout lines. Follow the pattern of laying tiles. Be sure you spread no more area than can be covered in two to three hours. Hold the trowel at a 45-degree angle to get even ridges. Too much adhesive will squeeze between the tiles. Too little will not provide proper adhering. 1/8" ridges are about right. Let the adhesive thicken and become tacky according to the manufacturer's instructions (usually 1 hour) before laying the tiles. Once it has properly set up you can begin flooring.

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