Parquet Floors 7 - Laying the Tiles Parquet Floors 7 - Laying the Tiles

Margin of Error: 1/8"

Most Common Mistakes

  1. Not leaving a 1/2" gap between files and the wall.
  2. Not allowing adhesive to properly set up.

After your adhesive has set up you can, start laying the files. This is where the fun begins. Everything you are doing will be your finished work, so go slow and do a good job. Lay the files in the pattern shown in one described by the manufacturer. Usually this is done in a pyramid fashion. Place the tiles exactly up to your layout lines. Here is where your previous accuracy will pay off.

The tiles are tongue and grooved and should fit easily together. Occasionally you may need to use a mallet or hammer and a block of wood to force them together. Avoid sliding the tiles or stepping on them for 24 hours after they are laid. You may want to spread a sheet of plywood as a kneeling board over the newly laid tile as you continue to work. In this way you avoid stepping directly on the tiles. Be sure there is no adhesive between the board and the tiles.

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Take special care in laying your first 10 to 12 tiles, because these will determine the appearance of the entire floor. Be sure you have them right. Also, check to be sure there is no debris lifting the ties. Engage the tongue and grooves of the tiles as you lay them next to each other, but don't slide them into place.

Every few tiles, stop and tap the tiles with a mallet or hammer and a block of wood to be sure they are properly seated. If any adhesive gets on the tiles, clean it immediately with a rag soaked in solvent. Never apply the solvent directly to the tiles or it could mar their finish.

You will need to cut the border tiles to fit. This is best done with a fine-toothed handsaw, though a power jig saw can also be used. Don't forget to leave a 1/2" gap between these border ties and the walls. Many manufacturers recommend placing a cork expansion strip in this gap.

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