Parquet Floors 8 - Rolling the Floor Parquet Floors 8 - Rolling the Floor

Margin of Error: Not applicable

Most Common Mistake

  1. Omitting this step.

After you have finished laying the floor, or a section of the floor, go over the floor with a 100-150 pound floor roller rented from your supplier. If you can't get a roller, using a kitchen rolling pin with all your weight will work. This step must be done within four hours of when the adhesive was originally spread. This will insure proper adhering. Be sure to clean up any excess adhesive immediately.

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Finally, replace your shoe molding. Be sure to nail this into the wall, not the flooring, to allow the flooring to expand. Also, reducer strips may be needed where your new floor meets another flooring and is either higher or lower than this flooring. These reducer strips are the same color and material as your flooring and are available at the store where you bought the flooring. Also, if your flooring height has been raised by the new flooring, you may need to trim down your doors. Test the doors before scraping them across the floor and marring the floor. Do not walk on the floor for 24 hours after installing.

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