Partition Wall Partition Wall

A partition wall is often used in home remodeling to accomplish a change in the shape of the floor plan so it will not have an impact on the structural integrity of the building. Because a partition wall offers no support, you must be sure that you are not removing any structural walls before beginning your project. 

Adding Storage by Building a Partition Wall

It is easy to add a closet to an otherwise unused corner of a room by putting up a partition wall. Follow the steps below and soon you will have extra storage space.

  • Decide the length and width of the closet.
  • Frame in a partition wall with an opening for a bi-fold door.
  • Install and finish sheet rock and prepare it for primer and paint.
  • Prime and paint the new surfaces.
  • Install shelving or hanging rods as desired for your type of storage.
  • Install a bi-fold door.

You are now ready to fill the closet with whatever you chose to store. A partition wall is easy to build and does not require extra reinforcement because it offers no structural support.

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