Parts Needed to Install a Rotary Clothesline

A rotary clothesline is extremely simple to install, but there are some basics errors to avoid. These could cause limited use or mechanism failure if installed incorrectly. When you purchase a rotary clothesline you will get everything in the box that should come with it.

Parts Needed

Ground sockets should come with your rotary clothesline, but you will also need to dig a firm foundation in which to set it. During extremely breezy weather conditions a rotary clotheslines can become disfigured or bent if it is not correctly supported in the ground. Dig a small square hole to accommodate the ground socket. A ground socket is a long tube that is ever so slightly wider in circumference to the clothesline support pole. Set it in the hole and pour enough concrete into the hole to support the socket. Level the concrete off so that it is not lumpy or uneven.

Rotary Clotheslines Parts

The rotary clothes line will come mostly completed when you take it from the box. There will be plastic end covers for the spires that support the line and there will be a handle that is used for opening and closing the rotary clothesline. These will need fitting according to the manufacturer’s instruction. Snap-on plastic covers will also be included, which will hide any screws.