Parts of Scrap Computers that Can Be Reused in New Computers

Scrap computers are anything but scrap. You need only open the unit to observe all the parts and components that  can be salvaged and re-used. By simply dumping it you’re adding to the world’s waste and throwing away items you might well be able to use later. Start by developing an understanding of what you should save and what should go. There’s probably more than you imagine.


The first item to save from an old computer is the tower itself. Unless you have a very old machine, you can strip the components out of the tower and re-use it when you build a new computer. Some towers are more attractive than others, but they’re all functional and able to take the components you need. As long as the computer tower isn’t dented or in very bad condition, keep it. As long as you build computers you’ll find a use for it, and it’s much cheaper than buying a new one.

CD/DVD Drive

Unless your computer is ancient, those scrap computers will at least have a CD drive. In most instances it will be a drive that plays and records CDs, and possibly also DVDs; a DVD rewriter.

These are easy to remove and install. To be fair, they’re not expensive as new items, but why spend money when it’s not necessary? As long as it works and does what you want, why splash out on a new one? Finding these items on supposed scrap computers can be like a bonanza. Remove them and keep them handy for the new computers you’ll be building.

Sound Cards

All computers have sound cards. If your scrap computers have new sound cards, remove them and keep them to be used again. With older machines where the sound cards haven’t been replaced, just let them go as new ones will be so much better.

Network Cards

A network card allow the computer to join a wireless network, so it doesn’t need to be plugged into an Ethernet cable. Where you find these in scrap computers, remove and keep them to reuse in future. Anything that increases the viability of the computer is good, so always fit a network card when building a new computer. It will allow you to place the machine where you want it to be, not where it needs to be.


The processor, or chip, is the core of any computer. You need to have a good processor that will go fast for the computer to be very efficient. If you’re scrapping a computer that has a good fast chip, don’t throw it out. Salvage it and keep it safe for your new computer. Older computers will have slow chips, and they’re not worth keeping.


The more RAM, or random access memory, you have in your computer, the better it will work, and the faster it will be. There are a couple of different types of RAM. Always remove the RAM from scrap computers. It won’t go out of date, and increasing the RAM in your others computers will help their performance.