Party Planning Essentials- Homemade Party Decorations

Party favors and party themes can simplify the party planning process when it comes to deciding upon decorations. Incorporation of a few simple ideas will ensure that your party has that certain special ambience.

Party Favors

Unique party favors are an excellent method of generating amusement at a children’s party, and can also be used to show appreciation to your adult guests. When deciding on which party favors you will create, it’s always best to play to your talents. Love gardening? Create a personalized miniature flower basket for your guests. Have a passion for baking? Your homemade cookies should go down well with adults and children.

A lot of entertainment can be generated from party favors. Include an activity in children’s party favors, for example, a treasure hunt clue. With adults it’s possible to be a bit cheekier; adding some truth or dare questions to the favor bag can often add a novel flavor to the evening’s proceedings.

Party Themes

Adding a theme to your party can invoke the imagination of adults and children alike, especially when fancy dress is incorporated.

Children party themes can be so entertaining that the little guests won’t realize that it’s also educational! For example, employing a ‘wild bugs’ or an ‘under the sea’ theme will get your children engaging with wildlife. These themes can be very useful at boys parties, where the ‘ugh’ factor can be maximized with bug based party favors, or frightening sea creatures tacked onto the walls. Blue and green crepe paper makes for great waves and pools along the walls.

Party themes for adults can be used as an efficient way to get your guests talking about the party. Dress up themes that require a good dose of imagination can be especially effective. For example, a theme of ‘things that begin with the letter P’ will get your guests thinking about their costumes weeks before the party even starts. Pepper your venue with purple, paisley, pinstripes. Potato chips, pepperoni, Peppermint Patty’s and…well, you get the idea.

Table Decorations

Table decorations can be used to stimulate conversation, create fun, or even just look pretty. Naming wedding party tables based upon places the happy couple have enjoyed special moments can be a fun way of personalizing a room. Using natural materials for dinner party table decorations can provide a calm atmosphere to the room. For example, using gold or silver pen to write guest’s names upon beach pebbles make unique, personalized place markers (and an extra addition to the party favor bag!).


Your lighting choices will depend primarily upon your guest’s age group and the occasion. At parties where you expect dancing, soft lighting is extremely important. Fairy lights are often sufficient to lend a magical air.

Additionally, home-made colored lampshades can add a new dimension to your standard white light bulbs. String rows of glass beads or brightly colored crepe papers across your ceiling and in door ways to give your party a unique environment. This will help your guests put the world to one side while they enjoy your party!