Party Wall Party Wall

What comes to mind when thinking of a party wall? Maybe it’s a wall thick enough so the neighbors will not hear your next party? Well, that would be nice, but in reality a party wall is a common wall separating two properties. A duplex is a prime example of the use of a party wall.

Is it Possible to Convert Your Home into a Duplex With a Party Wall?

You could convert a single family dwelling by adding a party wall. Of course, you would first need to check with the housing authorities in your city or county to determine if your property is zoned for multi-family dwellings. If so, the next step would be to secure the proper permits.

Because a party wall is also referred to as a firewall, you would of course have to know that the wall you are to construct will have to be fireproof to pass the required inspection. Your local building inspector will provide you with a copy of the required codes you would need to follow when building your party wall.  

Only you can decide whether converting a single family home into a duplex by the addition of a party wall is right for you, but in these economically tough times, it just may be the way to add a little extra income to your budget.

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