Passive Solar Hot Water Heater Information

A passive solar hot water heater is an affordable and cost-effective water heater option that can save energy while offering an affordable option for solar water heating.


Passive solar water heaters are similar in function to an active solar water heater with a much less expensive price tag. A passive solar water heater uses the water pressure within the house along with gravity and convection to circulate and move water through the solar collector and into a storage tank or directly for use. The design of a passive heating system is simple, with the placement of the water tank being higher than the collector so gravity and water pressure can be utilized. The difference between a passive system and active system is that the passive system does not use pumps to circulate water.


Passive solar water heaters have a reputation for being more reliable and more durable than active solar water heaters. Since there are no electrical or mechanical parts in a passive water system, there are fewer chances for something within the system to break or require repair. Therefore, maintenance on a passive system will remain low. Also, the passive system utilizes less energy than active systems, thus keeping the overall cost of ownership low.