Pasta Cookers

Reasonably priced from under $100 to $250 for more durable commercial models or sets, pasta cookers make preparing pasta an easy, foolproof affair. Pasta cookers are essentially standard cookware with a specialty insert that contains the noodles while boiling. While the multi-quart pot is fairly common, the inserts themselves are what give pasta cookers their own unique design. Made from an assortment of non-reactive, even-heating metals, preparing the perfect pasta doesn't need to be a game of chance. Get it right every time with this affordable, convenient piece of cookware.


The metal used to make pasta cookers is either stainless steel or anodized aluminum. Neither will react with oils or the flavor of pasta during preparation. The pot itself is a standard piece of cookware, with a riveted cool-grip handle and an even-heating design. Carlisle, for instance, offers a Quarter Size sectional pasta cooker, complete with 4 different removable inserts shaped to fit into a single pot at the same time.


Inserts used in pasta cookers separate the pasta as it cooks. Prepare up to 4 different pastas at once with this unique device. Each insert features its own coated handle for easy removal. Not only that, but each insert is a colander as well. When the pasta is ready, simply pull out each insert, allow the water to drain, and it's ready to serve.