Patch a Concrete Curb in 5 Steps

What You'll Need
Mask and safety goggles
Protective gloves
Small sledgehammer and chisel
Heavy duty steel wool
Garden hose
Concrete bond adhesive
Concrete patch mix and bucket
Plastic tarp and ties or weights to hold it down

Most people will not take the time to patch concrete curbs on their property when they require repair. However, if you do make the effort to keep the curb in your yard, garden, or driveway looking new and clean, it can greatly enhance the appearance of your home, as well as the overall aesthetic of your yard. Additionally, patching up a concrete curb is a relatively easy task, that requires little experience. Read on for a brief overview of how to patch up a concrete curb in a few easy steps.

Step 1 -- Prepare the Area

Begin by clearing the curb of any excess debris and other items. Remove any plants, dirt and other items that may have set into the concrete in the area in which you're planning to patch. Before you begin, protect yourself by wearing a mask and safety goggles. You should also wear clothing that covers as much of your body as possible, as the remaining portions of the concrete patching project may result in chips of concrete flying around.

Step 2 -- Break away Loose Concrete

Next, use the sledgehammer and chisel to break away any pieces of concrete that are loose from the area in which you'll work. You want to leave the solid piece of concrete remaining below, but get rid of any pieces that have cracks in them. Dispose of the concrete pieces in the appropriate area. Use the heavy duty steel wool to scrub down the concrete that you've left on the curb. This will help to remove any concrete dust and other debris that may have built up as you worked.

Step 3 -- Wash Down the Concrete

Use the garden hose to wash down the concrete and allow it to sit for 2 days. This not only serves to clean the concrete, but it helps to make it to more readily accept the concrete bond adhesive that you'll use to patch the curb.

Step 4 -- Apply Bond Agent and Patch

Use the paintbrush to apply the bond adhesive evenly over the surface of the concrete. Before the adhesive dries, mix up the concrete patch mix, according to the instructions on the packaging. Use the trowel to layer on an initial layer of concrete patch. Be sure to press the patch material into the existing concrete curb. Wait 1/2 hour, and then repeat, continuing to layer on concrete patch material until the patch material matches the shape of the preexisting curb. Be sure to scrape off any excess patch material before it has a chance to dry.

Step 5 -- Cover the Curb

To facilitate the drying process, cover the curb area that you've worked in with a plastic tarp. Use ties or weights to hold the tarp down, and allow it to sit for 5 days, before removing it.