Path Types and Options for the Backyard Path Types and Options for the Backyard

There are many options for backyard paths, depending upon the spacing area available and the local weather conditions. It’s really easy to turn your backyard into a private sanctuary with the addition of a garden, or walking path. Paths can create the finishing touch to any garden or backyard.

Gravel Paths

The easiest path to create is a gravel path. Gravel can be formed in winding paths much easier than more solid forms of material. It is not ideal for areas with dry climates because they will create dust.


A brick path is a good option for designs. You can purchase different hues of brick and can also cut the brick yourself for specific design and shape paths. 


There are many types and colors of stone to choose from when constructing a backyard path.  Smooth stones tend to be a better choice because they are easier to walk on.  You can also shape the path fairly easily.


Pavers are a good option for more straight paths and can also be designed very nicely. They are also a good choice for drier climates. 

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