Patio Deck Building: How to Frame a Low-Profile Deck

A patio deck.
What You'll Need
Wood planks, 2x6 and 2x8
Gravel and sand
Measuring tape

Patio deck building is something that can be done by an individual with a few basic tools. Building a patio can be beneficial to households that have children, so there is an added layer or floor between the house and the ground, thus making it much safer. Here are the preliminary steps for making the frame of your patio deck.

Step 1 - Measure the Dimensions

Before you even get started with your patio deck building, you have to measure the area where you will build your low-profile deck. Get your tape measure and start measuring the perimeter of the area that you are planning to build your patio over. Make sure that your measurements are precise and uniform in order to avoid making the wrong cuts on the wood later on. As much as possible, also mark the ground where the four corners of your patio will end. Note down the dimensions on a piece of paper.

Step 2 - Cut the Boards

This is pretty straightforward and all you have to do is cut the 2x4s to the exact dimensions of the hole you will dig later during your patio deck building. Using the saw, cut the boards carefully. Be sure that you follow the measurements correctly. Both sides of the length should be equal to each other and this goes also for the width.

Step 3 - Excavate

Next step is to dig up the portion of land where the patio will go. You have to dig at least 7 inches into the ground since you’re allocating space for gravel and concrete. Try to make the bottom of the excavation as flat as possible. After you have dug up everything, fill it up with 3 inches worth of gravel. Level the gravel when you’re done.

Step 4 - Start the Outside Frame

It’s now time to start on the frame itself. Start constructing the patio deck building with the outside frame first. Place the 2x4s at the sides of the hole you just dug and have them meet at the corners. Line them up properly and fasten them together by driving some nails into them. Make sure that all four corners are locked and securely fastened.

Step 5 - Finish Inner Frame

The next step is to finish the inner frame by sliding in more 2x4s in between the outside frame and make sure that the spacing is constant between the boards. Eventually, put more in between them and line them up properly. Now do the other side by repeating this process. Once you are finished, you will have created a grid which will be the frame of your low deck patio. Nail them together with some penny nails and make sure that they are fastened and secure. After the frame has been finished, lay it down gently onto the hole over the gravel and line it up along the sides and corners. You have to keep it in place by driving stakes at the corners to prevent it from moving. Use hardwood for the stakes since these will be the ones that will anchor the frame. With this done, you are now well halfway in your patio deck building project.